LeapFrog: Learning DVD Set- 4 DISC

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Age: 2-7yrs

Product description:

LeapFrog is well known for excellent learning toys and educational DVDs. This four-DVD set introduces preschoolers to important preschool and kindergarten skills like counting, recognizing letters and the sounds they make, combining letter sounds to make words, and using words to build sentences. What makes these LeapFrog DVDs so appealing are the cute animated frog characters Leap and his younger siblings Tad and Lily, who express many of the same fears and insecurities most preschoolers experience; the discs also boast age-appropriate concepts and lessons, fun songs in a variety of musical styles that reinforce concepts learned, and interactive bonus features.
Includes 4 LeapFrog DVDs with the following episodes-
  • Maths Circus
  • Maths Adventure to the Moon
  • Scout & Friends Number Land
  • Scout & Friends The Magnificient Museum of Opposite Words
  • Talking Words Factory
  • Talking Words Factory 2- Code Word Caper
  • Letter Factory
  • Story Book Factory

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