Preschool Prep Series 6 DVD Pack

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Age: 9mths-7yrs

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Preschool Prep Company DVDs have won over 25 national awards and are educationsl dvds that are guaranteed to produce results in your little one!

Make Preschool Prep a part of your little one's life, and be amazed by what he or she picks up on in a hurry! Even as early as 9 months, your tot can get started on learning the basics thanks to Preschool Prep. Before your little pal's first birthday, these educational DVDs can help him or her recognize and become familiar with letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Preschool Prep is effective and fun, and it's never too soon to make early education a part of your tiny brainiac's day.

  • The DVD Collection includes:
    • Meet the Letters - upper and lowercase letter recognition
    • Meet the Numbers - number recognition from 0 to 10
    • Meet the Shapes - 8 basic shapes
    • Meet the Colors - 8 basic colors
    • Meet the Sight Words 1 – 16 basic kindergarten sight words (sight words are words that don’t follow basic decoding rules and must be memorized)
    • Meet the Sight Words 2 –16 basic kindergarten sight words
    • Meet the Sight Words 3 – Meet the Sight Words 1, 2, and 3 teach the 47 most frequent kindergarten sight words.
    • Meet the Phonics – Letter Sounds – teaches the different sounds that each letter makes along with basic phonics rules, such as "r-controlled vowels" and "silent e"
    • Meet the Phonics – Blends - two letters that come together and keep their own sounds (br, cl) are taught in primary schools as "letter blends"
    • Meet the Phonics – Digraphs - two letters that come together and make a single sound (ch, gh) are taught as "letter digraphs"
  • ages 9 months to 7 years

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