Kids Intelligent Ology Tablet Toy

Kids Intelligent Ology Tablet Toy

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Kids Intelligent Ology Tablet Toy 


This product is not only for fun, it also can help your children learn english, spelling, matching words to pictures and mathematics. Besides, it helps to improve your kids' eyesight, hearing, problem-solving ability and general knowledge. A great gift for a child to enjoy as they play while listening to music and you can be happy to know that they are learning and getting before. In any case, it's a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten/preschool



1. multifunctional modifier, different fuctions 
1) multi-stage volume adjustment; 
2) number: 1-10, each represents a number of song (music when in the mode); 
3) write : alphabet voice exercises for 26 letters; 
4) word vocal exercises for 26 english words; 
5) spelling mode

6) Letter Mode

7) Word Mode

8) Music Mode

9) Repeat Mode

10) Number/Letter Test

11) Maths Mode

12) Power tab

13)  Portable, soft pressure, easy for children to operate. 

Powered by 3 * AAA batteries (not included)

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