Angel Rabbit Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers

Angel Rabbit Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers

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Age: Birth+

Angel Rabbit Peek 'n' Drink Nursing Covers for chic mums

The award-winning Peek 'n' Drink nursing covers are a must-have for any stylish nursing mom on the go!

Each nursing cover comes with a unique adjustable "tie-back" feature that keeps your nursing cover in place while you are breastfeeding. Made of 100% cotton, this versatile nursing cover allows you to feed comfortably and discreetly in public places such as cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

Designed with an adjustable neckline that allows viewing, these covers also block out stimulation so your baby can focus on breastfeeding.

The nursing covers are wide enough to provide good coverage for your breasts but are not too long to avoid overheating your baby.

assorted designs, to be supplied randomly

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